eStand Up for a Sister and what it means to me…

I was watching Rachel Hollis’ MADE FOR MORE movie on amazon prime, and one of her sessions was called Stand Up for A Sister. She gave all the women at the event a piece of paper with 30 things listed.  For example, I was molested, I am divorced, I am an addict, I have been raped, I have been abandoned, I hate my body, I feel all alone, etc. She had everyone anonymously check anything that applied to them, fold it and pass it all around the room. Then she read out each item on the list. Whoever’s a list you had, you would stand up for that sister. When you can’t stand up for yourself, STAND UP FOR A SISTER!” ” Thank you, Rachel Hollis.

My first thought when I think, stand up for a sister is my little sister MELODI.  When I have been weak, she has been strong, and she has fearlessly stood up for me her whole life.  Sister does not just mean your biological sister; it is our female friends, moms, aunts, cousins, and daughters.  There have been many sisters in my life that have stood up for me and I for them. I’ve had coworkers, employees, neighbors, my mom’s friends, my cousins, my older sister and let’s never forget my Mama that had stood up for me, challenged me, wiped my tears, picked me up when I had fallen, forgiven me and loved me through it all.  

When I was a young girl, my mom told me that when I got older, I would be able to count my close girlfriends on one hand. Today is one of those, “Dangit, my mom is almost always right” moments.  There are countless memories in my life starting in grade school that I can recall female friends that caused me pain from stealing my first cheer jacket out of my locker, hooking up with a boyfriend, sharing a very private secret to not being there when I needed her support the most.

SO… MOM, you were Right. At 50, I can count on one hand the women in my pride that I know would fearlessly protect me. I am sure I have hurt my share of sisters, and I have learned from each of those moments. 

Life has taught me that we are all doing the very best we can, and this is what keeps me motivated to love. I continue to grow, learn, challenge myself and take care of me so that I can stand up for my sisters around the world.  

Standing up for a sister is helping her pack to move, calling out anyone that has wronged her, telling her she is pretty when she has had a bad day, not judging when she has made a poor choice but telling her what you think of that choice.  Standing up for a sister is bringing soup when she is sick, helping her put her grill together, and then googling how to use it, encouraging her inspirational dreams, believing in her, and telling her so. It is also comforting her, forgiving her if she makes a mistake and fiercely protecting her, her children and her family.

Standing up for a sister is valuing and appreciating the female mentors that have helped you get where you are, stepping aside when it is her time to shine, knowing when to encourage or be quiet, and forgiving when she is in full-blown survival mode. We all know what survival mode is, especially now.

I just finished a fantastic book Lioness Arising (wake up and change your world) by Lisa Bevere. Lisa starts her book with this, “To all my lioness sisters who feel something wild and fierce stirring within them, YOU ARE Stunning, and you were born for this moment, don’t be afraid of your strength, questions or insights. Awaken, rise and dare to realize all you were created to be. You know you are with true friends when they lift, encourage, correct, and then spur you on.” Lisa explains that it is ok to be beautiful and fierce. 

The entire book compares female relationships to lionesses, their interactions with each other, and the Lion. Lionesses are not in competition with the Lion or other lionesses, and they are proud of who they are.  Lionesses hunt together, fiercely protect each other and the pride.  Lionesses also ROAR together to show strength, to call their young, and to protect the pride.

Rise Like a Lioness. -Numbers 23:24 #lionessarising

I cannot think of a better time than right NOW to love each other; it is time for us to RISE-UP, WAKE UP, and ROAR TOGETHER. 

It is time for us, as women, to break down barriers, create trust, build an environment to lock arms, find our strength. I believe that empowered women empower men. When I think of ‘women empowerment’, I think empowered women are strong, secure and can support their sisters, husbands, brothers, and friends from a place of strength. Men need us to protect them, support them, encourage them, and need them. Ladies, I believe that when we are empowered and empower men, they are more confidant, more faithful, and more loving.

I am here to STAND UP FOR A SISTER and surround myself with those women who want and need a PRIDE of lionesses to stand up and do the same.  

Find your inner Lioness…find your inner ROAR…and never let it go. EVER

I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works” Psalm 139:14