Is it really that important?  HECK YES!  The whole world has gone tech, we have gone virtual and you know what I am talking about.  In business and personal it is time and yes so important to BE PRESENT.  
I am going “back to basics” with you, it’s not about making huge changes, it’s about making small changes.
When you focus on the present moment, you’re paying attention to the things currently happening.  These events might range from joyous to downright heartbreaking or anywhere in between.
  • It will strengthen your relationships
  • It will help you recognize your own thoughts and feelings
  • It will create opportunities of joy
  • It will create MAGIC
Where to start?  Use your 5 senses for observation:
Being more present is often as simple as:
  • savoring the taste and fragrance of your morning tea or coffee
  • relishing the softness of your favorite blanket or pillow
  • listen for the wind, dogs snoring, ocean waves, soft voices
  • enjoying the warmth of the water on your skin as you shower
  • feel a hug…I mean really feel a hug all the way to your heart.
Guys it’s that simple.  Try it, IT’S TIME TO BE PRESENT!