Stand Up For A Sister

When you can’t stand up for yourself, STAND UP FOR A SISTER!

Standing up for a sister is valuing and appreciating the female mentors that have helped you get where you are, stepping aside when it is her time to shine, knowing when to encourage or be quiet, and forgiving when she is in full-blown survival mode. 

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What It Means To Me

My first thought when I think, stand up for a sister is my little sister MELODI. When I have been weak, she has been strong and she has fearlessly stood up for me her whole life. Sister does not just mean your biological sister, it is our female friends, mom’s, aunts, cousins, and daughters. There have been many sisters in my life that have stood up for me and I for them. I have had coworkers, employees, neighbors, my mom’s friends, my cousins, my older sister and let’s never forget my mama that has stood up for me, challenged me, wiped my tears, picked me up when I had fallen, forgiven me and loved me through it all.

Who We Are

  • Strong
  • Fiercely protective
  • Nurturing
  • Proud
  • Calculated
  • Smart
  • Curious
  • Confident
  • Aware
  • Gracious
  • Supportive
  • Interested in self-improvement
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