Tara Westover

Have you ever had your head so far up your rear that you were actually mad at yourself?

Have you ever felt like everything was coming together and falling apart all at the same time?  In my heart I knew this was God’s plan and I am headed in the right direction.  This is also when my head went up my rear.  

It started after the year of COVID. Like so many of us, I had to pivot, be resilient, and start over again at 51.  Does this sound familiar to you?  ME TOO!  If I hear resilience one more time, it’s possible I will punch someone.  This entire process is an entire blog in itself, but for now, let me focus on “head up butt.”  

“Life is an adventure or it’s nothing at all,” a quote from Helen Keller that my Mother often recited to me. I had the privilege and blessing to get back to what I love; coaching, speaking, empowering women to live their best lives as they enter into the second and best stage of their life. That being said, I am human and there are times when I am on the couch sucking my thumb with the dogs.  Daily I must practice what I preach; Stay on my Mission, that is where the Magic is.

I stayed like this for 2 weeks. My Mom, sisters and brother attempted to be supportive for the first week, then let me sit in my stuff while always loving me.  I isolated myself, had a pity party with the dogs, watched Netflix, and possibly had some wine until I didn’t even like my own company.  Then it happened…I decided to practice what I preach.

My Mission is My Magic. 

I call this the 3Ms

My morning routine that I had neglected for the past 2 weeks commenced.   

Each day I decided to 

  1. Focus on my MISSION
  2. Change my MINDSET starting with my Gratitude journal
  3. MOVE one step forward everyday that keeps me on my Mission

Sisters appreciate the small wins. We are human.

I can’t promise you that my head may not go places it shouldn’t, but I have the skills, power and support system to not stay in that place.

“The Measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.”  – Vince Lombardi



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