Practicing gratitude is one of the most effective ways to boost your happiness and overall well-being, becuase gratitude rewires your braind to focus on the positive. 

I went to see my fantastic Botox doctor yesterday, who always makes me feel beautiful. He asked me what my secret is? I inquired, “Secret”?? Dr. Reddy followed by saying “ Your smile comes from the inside, it lights up the room. Tell me your secret”. What an amazing compliment!  I shared that my mom told me; that I was born with a smile on my face and I am determined to keep it. I told him that my secret is “Gratitude”. I am so blessed every single day and I am on a mission to share that feeling with anyone I can.

According to one of my favorite people, Mel Robbins, hundreds of studies show that people who express gratitude are more likely to see their lives as meaningful, feel a strong purpose, accept themselves, have positive relationships, experience positive and experience higher levels of joy, pleasure, happiness and optimism. 

Who doesn’t want that!?!?!?! 

Mel suggests taking 30 seconds in the morning or before bed to wright 3 things you are grateful for in a small journal that you keep my your bed or coffee maker.  Within just a few days, you’ll see the amazing benefits of this simple, free and fast exercise.


Day 1. I am Grateful for:

1.     my abundance

2.     my support system

3.     and of course my boys

Try it, only takes 30 seconds.