I have thought long and hard about what 50 means to me. Am I having a cliche midlife crisis? Am I afraid that I am now officially old? How will this affect me personally and professionally? I have always been proud when someone asks my age and then I get the “You look great for your age” (what does that even mean) Is 50 the new 30? I don’t feel older, except some new wrinkles that my botox Doctor can’t seem to fix and a few aches and pains that I pretend I do not have and “the struggle is real” staying in shape.

Then I decided to make a list of what would I tell the 29 year old me:

·       Find your passion and never let anything stop you from doing IT

·       Never Settle:  on a man, a job or even a friend

·       If you make a poor life choice such as a man… do not wait years to end it.  6 months max ladies: learn, heal, forgive and move on

·       Mentor and support all the women in your life and love on the men (they need it too)

·       Be Present Always

·       Take care of your feet, trust me on this one

·       Wear sunscreen on your chest, hands and face always

·       Your mom is almost always right

·       Hold your family close, love them and spend time with them

·       Love yourself or no one else can

·       Most important – Listen to that still small voice…God has a plan, STAY ON IT!

Aging, what the heck is it???

Health and Fitness

Aging gracefully as a woman! Hum, I have to admit this has been very tricky. I have had to work out harder to keep the weight off and keep from injuring myself. I have been getting natural looking Botox since I was 40 and will continue to do so. I have tried all the healthy diet plans that worked for me in the past realizing it is much more difficult as I age. I am avoiding menopause and told my Doctor that I am skipping it and not to bring it up again.  I have decided that all in moderation is the way to go! Make sure you do something you love at least 3x a week.


Man O Man. Being a middle age woman is an adventure in the dating world. The younger guys ask you out for a number of reasons (that is a blog in it’s self) The guys my age are dating 25 year olds. Most men over 50 will never be able to keep up with me.  This is number 532 why I am single. In conclusion, just have a darn good time till the right one comes along. I have been dating myself for years.


Being a woman in business is challenging enough with out adding age to the list. Though I don’t feel or look my age, I still put a lot of thought into this as I left my Executive position to start my own company 3 years ago. It was a factor as I finally published my book “Inside the Ring” this year and as I transitioning back to my passion of Speaking and Coaching.  What I am trying to say is, you can do anything at any age.


Turning 50 has lite a fire to Passionately chase my dream of empowering women’s voices by sharing my own deeply personal story of struggling to survive being abandoned by my father, a turbulent celebrity marriage and finding the confidence to take control of my life, forgive and heal. I am going to make the 2nd half of my life the best of my life by FEARLESSLY turning 50.

My year of turning 50 bucket list:

1.     Fearlessly Launch my Tiffany Vandemark brand and “Inside the Ring” to Empower Women all over the world

2.     love myself by doing a month long cleanse

3.     Fit for Life: Muddy Princess (March), Spartan Race (April) and Disney 10K (Nov) with a group of amazing women

4.     Speaking engagements to Empower Women

5.     Get my Free Dive certification.. The Ocean it calls me.

6.     Find or create a Powerful Women’s speaking and mentoring group

7.     Greece for my actual Birthday

8.     Continue to grow my FAITH and stay on God’s path.

9.     Paddle 100 miles, 20 pull ups, and 10 one arm pushups before my birthday

10.  Be open to LOVE Again

50 I am READY!