“I recommend Tiffany if you care about your company, and want to see immediate, positive, efficient results!” – Dan Hyman, Dangerous Productions, Inc

“A little over 8 months ago I started my journey to be the best me physically and mentally. I always enjoyed fitness but lacked motivation because I always hit a plateau and stopped seeing results. Plus I felt like my life was in a rut. Come home, lay on the couch, make dinner, and go to sleep. It was putting a strain on my marriage so I knew something needed to change. I met with Tiffany and discussed my fitness and in general life goals, and she created a plan that literally has been life-changing! She got me loving fitness again and even got my husband involved and working out with us! Tiffany even got me out of my comfort zone and we trained together for a Spartan Race, and I love the fact that I can say I am a Spartan all thanks to her 🙂 I’ve noticed such a difference in my body and mind… they are both so much stronger!! Not only is she a fitness guru she has also turned into my life coach! Thanks so much to her for making me feel the best I ever have in all aspects of my life!”

Frances Umpierre

Sales Consultant, Sun Realty

“Tiffany is a detail-oriented, energetic leader. She provides razor-sharp direction, has inherent overflowing optimism and is nothing but an absolute pleasure to work with. Her energy is second to none, which brings the energy of her team, and everyone around her up as well. She is the definition of a ‘Brand Ambassador’ and truly lives the values of the product she’s marketing. Recommend Tiffany if you care about your company, and want to see immediate, positive, efficient results.”

Dan Hyman

Dangerous Productions, INC.

“Tiffany is one of the most motivating and results-oriented leaders we’ve ever encountered.  She works with efficiency, energy and focuses to deliver what she promises, without fail. She accomplishes this not by bulldozing other people, but by inspiring them. Tiffany leads by example, and that example is one of poise, professionalism, and resourcefulness. In a world where many leaders lack vision and shirk accountability, Tiffany’s approach is a refreshing change. She is a natural marketer, a terrific coach, an “out-of-the-box” creative strategist and a buttoned-up project manager. Our experience of working with Tiffany has been every bit as rewarding as the outstanding results she’s helped us achieve on her behalf.  We’re fortunate to count her among our clients and colleagues.”

Kathy & Eric Miller

Owners, Set of 1

“Tiffany is one of the most creative and energetic professionals I have ever worked with.  She thinks outside the normal and uses all resources at her disposal to deliver unique and highly visible marketing campaigns. Her years of marketing experience is the main reason she is so successful in her sales capacities.  She has proven to me you cannot have good sales without great marketing. She is a tremendous resource to my company….”

Mike Nicholson

Founder/CEO, Revenue Management Corporation

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