Above All. Be The Heroine Of Your Life. Not The Victim.


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Stand Up For A Sister

They say empowered women empower women. Over 40 is the best time to put into place healthy habits and motivated mindset to PERSIST fully with the lifestyle you love. 



Failure is just another stepping stone to greatness. If you’re facing unexpected change, I can help you PIVOT and make your life whatever you’ve always wanted it to be.


Fit and Fabulous

Once you pass 40, things drop, cellulite comes up on arms (wtf btw), skin sags, so many things change. But you can get in FIT & FABULOUS shape (or stay there) at any age.


inside the ring

Tiffany VanDeMark is on a mission to empower women’s voices by sharing her own deeply personal story of struggling to survive a turbulent celebrity marriage and finding the courage and confidence to take control of her life, on her terms.

Inside The Ring takes the reader on Tiffany’s inspirational journey: from feeling abandoned by her father, through multiple heartbreaks and hardships, and finally to self-understanding, forgiveness, health and empowerment.